FAMOS Historian

As part of the popular FAMOS solution, Curtiss-Wright’s FAMOS Historian platform is designed to collect, store, display, analyze, and report on the operational status and health of key equipment assets. Advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities help users stay abreast of moment-to-moment conditions. The system is easy to integrate with many types of control systems, monitoring devices, and enterprise software systems.
Whether it’s a programmable logic controller or a flow meter or many other plant controls, this powerful FAMOS Historian system makes it much easier to pinpoint problems. Data will be more accessible, and extends analytics to a broader base of users, so everybody can weigh in on important issues.
One big motivation for implementing the FAMOS Historian system is to reduce costs. Curtiss-Wright does not charge annual license fees, require maintenance support contracts, or charge cloud subscription fees. With the Curtiss-Wright system, once you buy it, you own it which means substantial savings for software renewals every year.
While other FAMOS Historian vendors charge customers based on the number of data points, or “tags” in the database, FAMOS customers can store up to 60,000 analog data points and 60,000 digital data points in the FAMOS R*TIME database—with 12 configurable alarm limits for each point in the system—all for no extra cost.
The FAMOS Historian system includes four distinct functions:
  • Data Acquisition from plant sensors and data acquisition systems
  • Data Display via the access via web based interfaces for trends, reports, logs, etc.
  • Historical Service for archiving and storing many years of data
  • Calculation Service that includes advanced alarm processing modules

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