FOMIS Information

FOMIS (Fleet Optimization and Management Information Service) leverages the knowledge of thousands of power generation personnel and our proprietary database of decades of industry experience to foster a culture of information exchange and continuous improvement. Data is collected and aggregated from direct information exchange, historical database records, and a collection of white papers and presentations to expand the depth of knowledge on a variety of topics beyond what is available to internal utility resources. This assists in overcoming reduced staffing and budgets, and promotes lower operating costs, increased availability, and safe and environmentally compliant operation.
FOMIS is applicable to all types of power plants and disciplines. Member questions and responses are collected along with applicable database documents to provide the necessary context for interested parties to determine root causes, improve operations, select vendors/equipment, and make decisions regarding topics such as:
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Operations Best Practices
  • Asset Health
  • Thermal Performance Monitoring
  • PEPSE Modeling
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Controls
  • Safety
  • Staffing and Schedules
  • Vendor/Equipment Selection and Lessons Learned
  • T&D, Incidents, or any Other Topic of Interest
The FOMIS database contains historical records as far back as the 1980s, including predominantly North American fossil fuel plants, as well as input from several international utilities and various vendor partners. Decades of conference presentations and white papers are also searchable and cover any number of topics. As the industry evolves, so to does the database as members have begun to refocus on GTs and renewables. The merger of FOMIS into the Plant Optimization suite has presented an opportunity for FAMOS users to leverage the service in pursuit of answers regarding thermal performance, asset health, cycle isolation, and other pertinent subjects.

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